Capacitance Meter

The capacitance meter is another project from the YouTube channel

It is a circuit built around a 555 timer and is capable of measuring capacitance in a range from 1pF to 500nF.

Although many portable multimeters today have the capability of measuring capacity, their range does not go down to the single digit picofarads.

This instrument, although equipped with an analog micro-Am-meter, is very precise for its class and can easily measure capacitance ranging between 1pF and 500nF with an error of 3% or less, depending on the class of analog meter and the precision used to tune it up.

Considering that the majority of capacitors has a tolerance of 10 to 20%, this instrument allows the use of more precise capacitors in your projects.

Here are links to some of the equipment and components I used for the project, which I bought through Amazon. If you are interested you can click on these links to go directly to the corresponding page selling the product:

ZIF sockets

Push Buttons


3D printing PLA filament

Dymo label maker

Gorilla glue https


And finally here is the archive where you can find the schematic and the CAD file for building the device by yourself: capacitance-meter-archive.

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