The Analog Synthesizer Project

If you are looking for a place where to find information to build an Analog Synthesizer, this is the one for you!

Although I don’t do that very well, I like to play music, either with my electric piano or my recently built Theremin.

One thing I always wanted to have was an analog synthesizer, on the style of the Moog used by Keith Emerson. But, of course, I never had the opportunity to own one.

But now that I am retired and I have plenty of time at my disposal, I decided to use my electronics skills to build one myself.

Yes, I am a dreamer, and I plan to make this dream come true.

My plan is to build an analog synthesizers that incorporates only the minimal digital technology necessary to make easier the control of some parts of the instrument.

The one thing very important to me is that this is going to be an upgradable synthesizer. I will put a number of modules together, and I will keep working on it over time adding more and more functionalities. A sort of never-ending project. And for that, I especially count on you, my followers, to provide me with always new ideas that I can incorporate in to the instrument.

I will show you everything I’ll do for all the modules I’ll create for this project, from their design to the final finished product, showing you everything in between, also the behind the scene facts.

I hope that this way you will find the project more interesting to follow, because you will be able to learn more and apply what you have learned to modules created by yourself.

I expect this to be our project, something for everybody, musicians and not.

I expect your help with comments, suggestions, proposals for new modules, your own schematics, and more. I will always find the time to listen to you and incorporate to my project the best that comes from you. We will make this project epic!

Here you can find all the videos I have already published on this subject:

And here is the archive with all the documentation to build what has been done so far:

This archive will be updated at every new addition to the project. Come back often to see what has changed.

Old archives:


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