The Theremin Project

Hi there!

This page will be constantly updated every time something new is added to the Theremin project that I am presenting in my YouTube Channel.

This is the place where you can download all the files related to the Theremin project, from the schematics to the 3D printer files to the artwork used on the instrument itself, like the front and back panel stickers.

All the files are grouped in three sets of zip file, which I will update constantly until the project is completed. To download a zip file, just click on the corresponding link.

Please refer to the videos in my YouTube channel for details on how to use these files. It is also worth to look in the archives of this site for further information. Look for posts related to the Theremin.

Project update

Today, July 16 2019, I presented the new Theremin V.2 project. All the files related to this project are available here. THIS IS THE ONLY ZIP FILE YOU NEED TO BUILD YOUR THEREMIN V.2. Last file update: September 21 2020.

And here is the YouTube video that introduces the new project: